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NOHJ - Aqua Soothing Mask Pack Hyaluronic Acid

Usually I like to try masks in sets, so I would try out the entire range over a couple of weeks but sometimes I buy interesting ones to fill up my shopping cart to make up the few grams of the shipping weight. This was one of those cases.
I had neither heard of the brand or seen it before but it had this traditional Korean look to it that caught my interest containing hyaluronate acid to moisturise and witch-hazel which soothes sensitive skin so I thought I'd chuck one in the bag.
Being a person that easily swells and itches for prolonged periods of time over mosquito bites and animal scratches witch-hazel has become one of my favourite ingredients when buying skin products.

Before Use
Skip forward a few weeks and I've played with Thumper (my adorable mini-lop bunny) a bit too long and must have had a reaction to her food (multiple flowers and hay varieties) so my eye area is itchy and reddening in a patch and I'm looking like a sad red panda.

First Impressions
I usually do…
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Leaders - Pore Scaling Black Aqua Mask

I am a BIG fan of many of the original sheet masks from Leaders so it was very exciting when I started seeing different ranges show up at stores in stores near me. In fact I get excited when anything Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese pops up in Perth AT ALL seeing how small it is. And something new in Perth means that I don't have to order it and wait 15-20 working days for it to arrive. Except when something becomes available in Perth the price is bumped up threefold so I still bulk order in advance.

Being already a Leaders fan this face mask in particular piqued my interest as it contained charcoal and ash which claims to freshen, brighten and moisturise skin. And unless you've been living under a rock you must know that in the recent years the use of charcoal has become very popular in beauty products for its cleansing properties which I have yet to really give it a go.
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