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Leaders - Pore Scaling Black Aqua Mask

I am a BIG fan of many of the original sheet masks from Leaders so it was very exciting when I started seeing different ranges show up at stores in stores near me. In fact I get excited when anything Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese pops up in Perth AT ALL seeing how small it is. And something new in Perth means that I don't have to order it and wait 15-20 working days for it to arrive. Except when something becomes available in Perth the price is bumped up threefold so I still bulk order in advance.

Being already a Leaders fan this face mask in particular piqued my interest as it contained charcoal and ash which claims to freshen, brighten and moisturise skin. And unless you've been living under a rock you must know that in the recent years the use of charcoal has become very popular in beauty products for its cleansing properties which I have yet to really give it a go.
Reading the description the product claims to purify your skin, tighten pores, brighten your complexion and be significantly moisturising through the use of minerals and high quality charcoal so we'll be looking for all of that when trying this.

Before Use
These past few weeks have been filled with birthday parties and long nights which meant that I was drinking at least some amount of alcohol and wearing make up for a prolonged amount of time resulting in my skin getting quite dry and needing a good amount of TLC!
So I find myself looking through my box of goodies for a good moisturising mask to get a good refresh before I go to bed and then back to work the next day with more make up (because I can't live without drawing two black lines on my eyes before I leave the house).

First Impressions 
Having had tried other masks from Leaders many times before removing the mask from the pack I immediately noticed the serum formula to feel 'thinner' than their other sheet packs as well as a 'thinner' amount of serum help in the sheet mask itself. This isn't necessarily a bad thing however depending on how well the serum absorbs into your skin as well as how fast the mask actually dries. The mask itself was still strong and stretchy despite and was an easy to fit to my face.

What I usually like about Leaders is that there never fails to be ample of serum in the pack left for me to tap on for extra moisturising and wear time as well as using as a serum for the next day and this pack did not fail in that aspect. I've noticed all of the masks from this brand has a consistent (clean??) scent that I can't really describe but doesn't bother me as it isn't very strong and doesn't seem like they've added too many chemicals just to have different artificial scents.

The mask was cooling on and there was no irritation for the wearing duration of 20 minutes. I usually keep my masks on longer than the packaging tells you to achieve more hydration. This mask started  unsticking around my upper lip at around 30 minutes and I removed it after 40 minutes. Do be careful of wearing masks for too long as if you let the sheet dry too much it can start to have the opposite effect and start drawing moisture from your skin instead.

My skin seems slightly brighter after removal and slightly smoother maybe due to tightening effect however I would unfortunately not recommend this to sensitive skin types as although there was no irritation I noticed some redness on my cheeks and forehead once I removed it.
Usually after removal I allow the rest of the serum to absorb into my skin after some time or see how it is the next morning before making final judgments.

After a good nights sleep and allowing the rest of the serum to absorb into my skin I found that overall the next day my skin does seems a lot smoother, moisturised, plump and bright. The redness went away after removing the mask so I'm guessing my skin is just sensitive to the charcoal inside the sheet. For around 1.50 USD I do recommend trying this out if you come across it, as its proclaimed results were quite visible although I wouldn't get out of my way just to go find this particular mask as other masks from the Leaders range is just as good and doesn't irritate sensitive skin.