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NOHJ - Aqua Soothing Mask Pack Hyaluronic Acid

Usually I like to try masks in sets, so I would try out the entire range over a couple of weeks but sometimes I buy interesting ones to fill up my shopping cart to make up the few grams of the shipping weight. This was one of those cases.
I had neither heard of the brand or seen it before but it had this traditional Korean look to it that caught my interest containing hyaluronate acid to moisturise and witch-hazel which soothes sensitive skin so I thought I'd chuck one in the bag.
Being a person that easily swells and itches for prolonged periods of time over mosquito bites and animal scratches witch-hazel has become one of my favourite ingredients when buying skin products.

Before Use
Skip forward a few weeks and I've played with Thumper (my adorable mini-lop bunny) a bit too long and must have had a reaction to her food (multiple flowers and hay varieties) so my eye area is itchy and reddening in a patch and I'm looking like a sad red panda.

First Impressions
I usually don't care much about packaging but when this one arrived I must say I really like the rough traditional pulp paper feel to the pack instead of your usual shiny pack. Just a really cute touch. Taking the mask out I already really like the feel of the mask, it's 100% cotton and felt like it holds a lot of the serum. It's quite soft but and has a strong feel that won't rip. The serum is a nice cooling gel it has the very faintest of scents (I had to come back to smell inside the package because my nose was originally blocked from my allergies and so I couldn't smell anything).

The mask I personally find a bit weird shaped, my face sadly isn't as small as I'd like it to be so I generally like a nice wide mask to fit but this mask was more oval shaped than others and so did not reach all the way to cover the sides of my face. The eye and mouth hole is also a bit weird but still fits around nicely so I have no complaints about that. It tells you to wear the mask for a duration of 15-20 minutes but I wore it for around 30-40 minutes or until it stopped sticking and then rubbed it on my hands and neck. My itchiness soothed in less than 5 minutes so that was amazing.

Before I start on the removal stage I'd like to just say that I write these reviews and each part as I'm opening, trying on and then taking the masks off to be accurate with my experience description. I must say I REALLY like this mask. My redness is completely gone, not just around my eyes from the reaction but also any redness that I had around my face has significantly reduced. My skin is so much brighter, plump and moisturised.

This mask was definitely a pleasant surprise. Yes, it did have a great ingredient list but a lot of the times many companies don't put much of the ingredients but rather a lot of perfume matching the claimed ingredient resulting in a watery finish. This wasn't the case. My skin absorbed it very well and results were clear and obvious which is amazing for 2.08 USD. I just wished that I had bought more.
It didn't do anything for my pores however but they do have masks that are more specialised for pores so I will be trying other ones in my future reviews.

Meet Thumper!