Thursday, 27 February 2014

Foodness Me!

♥ My Romantic Hong Kong Disneyland Experience with Food ♥

Dessert time ♥ at the Disneyland enchanted garden buffet

Just a couple of pictures of my boyfriend and I on our first holiday together. We've been dating for almost 6years and now as strong as ever ♥

BB Creams - Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly

I'd never thought there'd be a day where my make up smells like Aeroplane Jelly, but thanks to Holika Holika it does now :3 I ended being persuaded to buy the starter and make up fixer through some really good service (yes the service makes a difference) but I have yet to regret any of it.

My skin to start.

 Aqua Petit Jelly Starter

I originally only bought the BB cream without the starter and it would last me a couple of hours before it kinda 'melted'. I came back to try my luck again with the other products and the guy there recommended I used this first primer after carefully examining my face while I was looking around (kinda creepy but he ended up helping a lot).

You can't really tell here but the primer has a soft light pink shimmer that brightens up your skin, I use it under all my BB creams now to last me the day. I also really like how they have spatulas so you don't contaminate and get bacteria in it, if you wipe the spatula after each use. They each came with a sponge as well for application but I prefer to use my fingers to apply the starter.

 Aqua Petit Jelly BB

This BB cream feels really refreshing on but it doesn't last long without the starter jelly. It has decent coverage with a small amount but you can put on a lot more for more coverage without it looking cakey. To apply this I place a small amount onto my hand with the spatula then with the sponge I press the BB cream onto my skin, as you would do with pressed powder. I find that the BB cream sits better on my skin when I do this rather then when I massage it and the sponge is very dense so I doesn't absorb a lot of the cream like some sponges tends do.

Overall (this is a bad camera angle for my face xD) my skin looks bright and clear and it lasts me a long time without going oily when I use the starter 
I gave this a 4.5/5 because its packaging is SUPER cute and hygienic, it smells like rainbows, make my skin feel fresh and look fresh and I just enjoy using it a lot. It does last me the day but it does fade a bit by the end and I wouldn't want to carry it around because the container is heavy :( It is my favourite BB cream right now and I am obsessed with Holika Holika and love their service and gift bonuses so I can't be any happier with what I've got.

Aqua Petit Jelly Make Up Fixer

I like the soft, jelly, moisturised feeling this gives my skin but I don't feel like it actually fixes my make up. I felt like it moved the make up on my skin the way water moves black ink on paper not fixing it in place. It makes a good moisturiser though which is great because I prefer spray on moisturisers than creams since they feel nice and light. I kinda wish I had bought the actual spray moisturiser that they had too ^^

Tutorial - Eyebrow Colouring

I have a strict rule where eyebrows must be the same colour as your hair (brown hair-brown eyebrows black hair-black eyebrows, a little darker or lighter is okay ><') because personally I think it looks weird otherwise. I am currently using Kiss Me Eyebrow Mascara and Eyebrow Powder whenever I leave the house (because my eyebrows are super light and look stupid) and since I've started using these I haven't really had any need to find a new brand. I'm using eyebrow mascara colour no. 02 but when I went to HK I thought I'd give a little darker a go so today I'll be using no.3.
Note: You can use one or the other but I prefer more defined brows so I like to use both.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow

The powder is waterproof and contains 3 different colours and a two sided brush. The lightest shade can be used to create a light shade on the side of your nose and you use this with the bigger brush side. I usually don't use it because it doesn't really make a noticeable difference on my skin but if you like to use nose shadows this would be good to but since the powders are waterproof and smudgeproof too. 

Step 1. Contour your nose by shadowing only the sides of your nose bridge to create a illusion that your nose is taller. I apologise that you can't really see it because I had little sleep the night before so now my eyes are dark :'(

Step 2. Starting with the most inner end of your eyebrows use the number 2 shade and small brush side to colour, brushing outwards a little further than the center of your brows. I have the brush on the fat side for this step because I like the shape that is produced from brushing this way, if you want a thinner more defined line then i recommend you turn you brush so that you're filling in your brows with the thinner side. Fill in this area and remove excess product with a spoolie if required or to just reduced the amount on your brow if it's too dark.

Step 3. Use the small brush side again and turn the brush so that you're not using it flatly, continuing the line you just stopped at with the darkest colour up to the end of your eyebrows. You should only need to brush over once or twice or else it will become too dark.

Kiss Me Coloring Eyebrow Mascara

What I love about this eyebrow mascara is that the colour can be seen really well upon application and when it dries your eyebrows have some flexibility and isn't completely stiff. I've only tried this one and K-Palette but I found that K-Palette's brush didn't coat my brows as well and I just ended up getting it on my skin more than my eyebrows. This lasts me a whole day, doesn't flake and comes off easily with warm water so I recommend you try it out if you want natural looking coloured mascara.

Step 4. Start by brushing the opposite direction of your brow growth, outside in, to ensure the underneath of the brow is coated. Then follow by brushing inside out over the top of your eyebrows in the direction you want your eyebrows to look. You can go over it in that direction a couple of more times to ensure all brows are coated. Don't press hard because you want the mascara on your eyebrows and not your face!

All good to go :3
The number 3 didn't end up being any darker than number 2 just a little bit paler so I'm quite happy with either colour.
Thanks for reading ♥

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

BB Creams - Holika Holika Face 2 Change

Face 2 Change Moist Cushion BB

I wasn't going to review this at first since I only had a sample but then I thought samples are for you to try out and create an opinion of before buying and I write my reviews of my opinions and experiences of products I try out (if that makes sense). 

What I love about this sample was that with the BB cream they also gave the cushion to use with the cream which was really soft (♥.♥). 

The BB had a very thin and silky consistency and was easily applied and blended (with the help of the super soft sponge) however when I first applied it to my skin I freaked out more than just a little. The guy gave me such a light colour to try...I looked really really pale D: and I was about to go out with my friend! For this review I told myself bronzer will fix it so besides the unmatching colour I will keep this an unbiased review.



Overall I would definitely buy this BB cream for long exposures to the sun but as a personal preference I rate this a 
I think this is the best BB cream for coverage, moisture and SPF (SPF 50+), so far. Besides my now pale skin, you can hardly see my blemishes underneath and it really brightens your skin. I find that any type of creams with high SPF tend to have more shine on your skin, I believe this contributes to the sunblock factor. Personally I don't spend that much time in the sun so I don't really need a SPF of 50+, as great as it is, and I prefer a matte finish. I tried to get rid of the shine by using a powder but my skin became shiny again after a couple of hours (another FYI, I also use primer before putting on any BB creams). 3.5/5

EXTRA I had to share this cause it's super cute! After spending a certain amount I got heaps of Holika Holika gift like this neck pillow pens and skin care products. I am one happy customer ♥

Make Up Removal

We've all seen the proclaimed make up removals that removes all the make up in one go leaving a replica of it from your face to the towel. A few years back I would have been easily fooled one type/brand after another. Looking for a good priced, easy removing, not too oily, not too drying remover takes a lot of trial and error. I now prefer the liquid bottled removers (unless I'm travelling and can't carry it with me) where you can just wet some disposable cotton-pads but even then I've gone through some that end up giving me breakouts. 
Only recently have I finally found my perfect removers and I recommend you try some if you can get your hands on it but do read through to see if its actually what you need. 

There are a lot of products from here but make sure you know it's good before you buy it cause I've had a fair share of let downs.

Any cotton pad will do but I got a heap of these boxes from Holika Holika which gives you one for every couple of hundred HKD that you spend and other goodies (the boxes got crushed in my suitcase ;_;). I actually quite like these and wouldn't mind buying it from them if they sell it cause they're really soft but any cotton pad will do as I've said.

Cyber Colors Eye Make Up Remover

I was first introduced to this brand when I was searching for make up removers and have yet to regret buying it.The cool thing about the brand Cyber Colors is the use of edge and color into their cosmetics range. Before you can soak up the cotton pads and use it you're required to shake the bottle lightly to mix the two layers. It removes any waterproof eye makeup AND eyelash glue quickly and easily with soft circular motions, it's gentle on my eyes and it isn't too oily at all. I've gotten some in my eye a few times and it wasn't irritating at all! It also gently moisturises my eye area which means that I can skip my eye cream when I'm a little lazy ^^' (costs approx $13AUD)

Haruhada Collagen Moisture Cleansing Water

At some point I became obsessed with looking at products with collagen after seeing all those Asian models and celebrities drinking it. It promotes skin firmness and suppleness but I mainly wanted it for the cell renewal that it promotes since I had quite a bit of acne and scarring at that time (I'm not one of those girls born with perfect skin throughout their lives but I'm much better now).

I use about two cotton pads to remove all the make up before using toner. It removes make up really well but the reason I'm reviewing this is because last year I used this strong exfoliator and rubbed it too roughly on my forehead which left me with constant rough skin for months with no signs of improvement no matter what I tried :( The collagen in my make up remover helped promote the renewal of skin cells which made my skin supple and smooth again. It's a gentle remover that nourishes your skin. The description tells you that it moisturises but I recommend you use a light moisturiser afterwards anyway (costs $16AUD).

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Etude House Liquid Blush

Etude House Water Color ◦ blusher

You never know what beauty store you'll stumble across in Korea but I knew Etude House was one I had to go into without really knowing what I was going to buy. I also have always wanted to try liquid blushes so when I walked past these babies I had to grab some (I also saw lots of really cute powder blushes with cute bows on the puffs but I was dedicated to stick to liquid for the meantime).  I picked the two most out there colours on impulse, lilac and coral. 

When I finally got home and squeezed some out I regretted picking these colours a little bit inside cause they just looked so bright and not what a was accustomed to. I thought I might as well try it since I've already paid for it and have nothing more to lose so I rubbed some on my arm to see what it's like.

Aaaaaannnnd it ended up blending really well! I had to use a little more so you can see it on camera but they're quite lovely colours when used on your cheeks ♥
By now I also conclude that all Korean brands just smell nice, everything just smells so very edible!

Overall I can't really call a flaw for this For my first liquid blush I really have nothing to complain about. The packaging is cute, its small and convenient to carry around, it has a nice creamy consistency that makes it easy to apply and blend and it smells like a scented pen =] I kind of wish I tried out more of the products from here but there's always a next time ^^"


This is the No. 4 coral colour. I tried to use a little more so you can see it in the picture but it's still quite light but I really like it cause it gives a very natural healthy look.
Definitely need to go back and buy some more! ^^ ♥

BB Creams - Dr.G

Gowoonsesang {Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm}

 This was one of my first BB Creams and was my favourite for quite a while. I was never in the sun for long periods of time so SPF 30+ was enough for me and unlike a lot of BB creams that I looked at when I was searching for my first one Dr.G promised an Inner as well as an Outer Care System. After the first use I was obsessed with it and just thought BB creams were amazing, little did I know that there are some terrible BB creams out there...horrid (make sure you try them out first and check reviews!!!). 

Upon opening I noticed that this BB Cream had a greyish tinge to it, I guess its made for Asian skin types and colours but I just managed to pass for it. It also had a nice smell :3

Dr.G's BB cream felt great ♥ It had a similar consistency to some of my liquid foundations so application was no problem and after letting it dry my skin felt like felt like everything promised x]

Before and After

My face felt springy, moisturised and fresh, even on my nose! The greyish tinge didn't seem like much of a problem as long as I didn't apply too much. If you need coverage I recommend using a concealer underneath, as I made the mistake of using a bit more than usual one day while going to get make up advice resulting in the guy telling me that the colour I was using had an ash tinge (embarrassing :'( ...oh wells life is about trial and error sometimes).

Overall I really liked this BB cream so I give it 
After a while of using this BB cream I noticed my pores became smaller which is great but I had some tiny breakouts every now and again when using it regularly. The breakouts cause a tiny bit of redness but never scarred. My skin overall felt soft and felt like it became more elastic-like and moist all day without much retouching at the same time provide a decent amount of coverage. This BB cream really had great qualities that I look for in a BB cream so I give it a 4/5.

Monday, 24 February 2014

BB Creams - Dr.Jart+

Dr.Jart Premium Blemish Base Gold Label

I've heard a lot between Dr.Jart and Dr.G but up until now I've only tried Dr.G. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to wear Dr.Jart for anymore than a couple of hours but I made sure the time I had with it on fully tested its potentials because off I was to the gym! I originally didn't think about trying Dr.Jart because the lady recommended it for my mother, I guess mainly because it had a lot of wrinkle preventing reducing and preventing properties. After reading about it the anti-wrinkle properties just include anti-oxidation ingredients and white gold skin protection that claims to cleanse your skin, none of that stuff that tightens your skin kind of thing ^^"

I took these photos very late and in little lighting so the photos ended up having a bit of a yellow tint. I will replace them when I can. Sorry!

First pump was really runny.
I wasn't sure if this was normal or not so I tried again, still runny but a little bit better and thicker in consistency. It meant that it was easy to apply with your fingers but if you're looking for coverage you'd probably need extra concealer. Not too much coverage was perfect for me gymming though so I'm glad I tried this today of all days :D

 Before and After

Overall This BB cream was surprisingly good 
After the gym I'm sweaty and tired so I'm not gonna take pictures >.< but I can tell you it stayed on quite well. I sweated but it wasn't oily, it just didn't melt or anything, it just sat really well! It also blended nicely with a nice natural colour. I do wish it had a little bit of a thicker consistency and provided more coverage and it does claim that no additional make up is required after base make up so I expected more coverage. Another thing I noticed when pumping out the cream was that it smelt quite strongly like sunscreen but with an SPF of 45+ who can really complain! I am quite happy with what it left me after I went to the gym so I can be confident enough to say it's a 4/5 for Dr.Jart+

Shu Uemura Black Liquid Eyeliner

Shu Uemura Calligragh: Ink Liquid Eye Liner

You will hardly ever see me leave the house without a quick fix of some black eyeliner, I'm completely obsessed with it! I've tried quite a few now but they either start going thick over time or the brush wears out so my lines aren't thin anymore. That was until I discovered Shu Uemura! The pen itself lets me be creative with thick or thin lines depending on my control and the tip seems like it will last forever. It looks like a hard tip at first but upon use its quite elastic and soft. My favourite part, though, is when I run out of ink I can just buy a refill and keep using the pen ♥

I was a little scared when placing on the cartridge because the instructions says that if you put in on too fast it can splatter. I ended up having the pen upright then pushed the tip end downwards onto the cartridge (no splatter ^^v ). You just then shake it gently back and forwards then hold it downwards until the ink fills up the tip. Easy~!

I've worn it a few times now and it's definitely sweat and smudge proof but I have yet to be in a situation where I've cried or get wet in some rain with it on so here's the waterproof test.

♥ Before adding water

♥ Water added

♥ After drying with a towel

Overall Definitely my favourite yet 
Smudgeproof, sweatproof and waterproof. It easily creates thick or thin lines so you can be as creative as you want. Its cost effective in the long run if you use eye liner often as I do since you can just buy refills instead of a whole new pen and the tip is soft yet doesn't blunt out on you! I also love how the lines can be easily drawn so neatly it means that I can easily remove it with make up remover at the end of the day \(; 0 ;)/
Most certainly a 5/5!

I usually just draw a top cat eye line so my bottom line isn't very neat. Still, I hope you like it! ^^

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Holika Holika Face Mask

After Taking a Trip Mask Sheet

I love using face masks to refresh my skin and hydrate it after either a long day out or just long hours with make up on. Holika Holika has masks for different situations which makes them even more fun to use. My favourite one is the Before mask where only 5-10mins is needed which makes it super convenient before you put on you make up to go for the day! 

Today I'm reviewing the After Taking a Trip Mask that I used since I just spent 19hours in travelling and transit time from Hong Kong back to Australia, exhausted I was! :(
The time for this mask was 15-20mins and since I just needed relaxing time I did the full 20mins.

The thing I loved most about these masks is that they smell great for the full period of time you have them on your face! If it was made of what it smelt like I'd eat it kind of smell x3

There's one mask in each packet all folded up and soaked in a good amount of liquid. 

They cost about $20HK which is a really great price for facial masks (approx $3 AUS).

20mins later~~

The mask stayed moist throughout and my skin looks and feels refreshed and replenished ♥

It instructs to pat your face to absorb the moisture so I just follow with my usual skin routine, no rinse.

Overall I really love these masks from Holika Holika! 
I've used a few Japanese and aloe vera masks before but the don't end up sitting on your face the whole time as they dry up quite fast and are thin and awkward to put on. This one was easy to place, hard to tear, had uber cute packaging and was actually fun to use. The important part was whether or not it refreshed my tired skin and it absolutely did ♥ Its a shame that face masks just look so freaky on. My rating: 5/5.

BB Creams - Ettusais

In the next few weeks or so I will be reviewing a few different BB creams that I just brought back from HK. There were so many choices so I thought I'd narrow them down to help all us ladies out cause lets be honest it's one of the BEST beauty inventions ever. It provides coverage, cares for your skin and provides sun protection at the same time! With that lets start with our first one ♥

Ettusais BB Mineral White

I actually found this BB cream in Japan. It just looked really cute, it had a great SPF of 45+ and sat on my skin well compared to the others that I've looked at.

It provides decent coverage, has a smooth easy to apply consistency and as promised it makes your skin feel baby-soft as well as brightens it. At that time it was summer so the darkest colour, 30 healthy, matched my skin tone best, even so it was still quite light for my Australian tanned skin (my skin is much lighter now with some extra skin care ^^ )

The one problem I had with this BB cream was that despite using a base primer and powder on top I felt like it doesn't sit on your skin quite well for long hours and especially didn't suit the climate that I live in and my skin got oily after a few hours despite having a formulated ac-oil control in the BB ( quick FYI I have combination skin).

Overall I rate this BB cream 
I usually wear my make up for long hours at a time when I'm out and about so I really look for products that lasts. I really loved how this BB cream looked and felt but it didn't tick off the factor that was most important for me - oil control and long lasting so I have to give it a 3.5/5.