Monday, 23 June 2014

Super Sonico - Cosplay at Supanova 2014

I have been soooooo busy with exams and assignments that I haven't posted in two week but now that I'm on university break hopefully I can get right back into blogging as much as I can! >=]

I also went to a convention on the weekends, didn't get many great photos I but hopefully will soon ♥

The Adventures of Super Sonico at Perth Supanova 2014

Photographed: Elvan Luu
Edited: me~! Jenny Truong

Super cool transformer bots but the line was too big for me to take a picture with them :'(

 Plenty other cosplays though, let's go~♥

This was VERY cool and a little scary ><

I got caught up with some Stormtroopers! Kyaaaa~~

These guys looked amazing (♥0♥)

My favourite. Spending some time with Me and My Katamari ^^v

 Let's go~

Cosplaying at so young! I love these very enthusiastic and dedicated parents :3

Deadpool with a Bazookapool xD

I got a really big freight from these guys :(

I met princess Merida whilst lining up to buy some yummy sweets~

 Caitlyn and Ashe! Duo ADC???

Katarina, Yasuo, Lulu and Riven seem to need one more fill.

 This cosplay was scary but details were amazing! Wow~~~

Annie can fill for that team!

 Or maybe Ahri

League Commentator Sonico believes that team requires an ADC >=]

Hope you enjoyed the photos ^^♥

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