Sunday, 4 May 2014

Macadamia Oil - Luxe Travel Bag

Macadamia Natural Oil - Luxe Travel Bag

I received this as a free gift, worth 40GBP (approx $73AUD), when I made my purchase from where the promotion was that when you spend 60GBP (approx $110AUD) you get the Macadamia Oil Travel Set, before discounts applied. I wasn't sure if it was good or not for a long time because I'm one of those people who save stuff for special events, emergencies etc. so it's been sitting in my bathroom for about a month now. Now, I haven't had a haircut for about half a year so my tips have begun to get quite damaged and my hair is slowly looking lifeless even though I rarely ever use heating tools. I towel/air dry my hair and shampoo every 3rd day to reduce the stripping of my natural hair oils by my shampoo. My hair is also slightly coloured which meant that any bleached part of my hair looks even worse, it'd just bend and look wire-y and I was quite embarrassed about it for too long now, so it was time to pull out the macadamia oils ^^♥

The bag comes with a deep repair masque, a healing oil infused comb, healing oil treatment, nourishing leave-in cream, rejuvenating shampoo and moisturizing rinse/conditioner. I tried the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in creams first, and in all honesty it wasn't much difference compared to most shampoo/conditioners and leave-in creams that I've tried, I wasn't majorly impressed my hair was still quite unruly. After a week of unsuccess I decided to try the oil treatment.

I've tried Moroccan Oil before, but this bottle here is THE savior of all time, I'm absolutely in love with this. Just apply about a 5 cent coins/2-3 drops worth on your hands and into your dry/damp hair (just through the length and tips) and you get amazing looking hair. It was shiny, soft, bouncy and not the least bit oily. I've also recently tried the oil infused comb, I was a bit skeptic about it but it actually left my hair silky smooth! I recommend using a gentle detangler first then running your hair through with the comb because as a comb it isn't the best detangler but it makes your hair feel and look great.

Overall the entire kit I'd give a 3.5/5
 I wasn't too impressed with the shampoo and conditioner but the comb was surprisingly helpful and the treatment oil definitely replaces my Moroccan Oil so it deserves at least 3/5, the 0.5/5 is because I have yet to try the masque sachet xD
I would definitely recommend anyone to get the treatment oil especially for those who colour their hair often, especially those guys/girls who bleach and dye their hair crazy bright colours. The oil is very light and absorbs really well which meant that I don't have to use it often either and doesn't have a strong smell. 

 This is a selfie I took the day I tried the treatment oil, it's not very clear but my hair is soft, shiny and bouncy. Super happy ♥

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