Friday, 23 May 2014

How to Brighten Up Tired Eyes

We all have those late night mornings and wake up to horrible looking eyes but hardly any time to fix it days...well I have those days. On these days specifically I decide to press the snooze button too many times and end up with 10 minutes to get ready so here's a quick tutorial of how I brighten up my tired eyes.

I forgot to take some pictures but hope you can follow these steps easily.

♥Since my eyes seem tired already I apply some shimmery pink/peach eye shadow to the center of my upper eyelid and brown to the sides/corners of my eyelids, that way it brightens up my eyes and looks like I put in effort.

♥Next step is black eyeliner. I generally choose a pencil and finish my lines short on these days instead of have the cat eye line flick just to make my eyes seem a little rounder.

♥In these pictures I've applied half false lashes since I had a little time but it's completely optional, you can just curl your lashes or add mascara to your top and/or bottom lashes. But on a busy day, to me, this isn't really an option but it will help open your eyes more (if you need the how to on applying these lashes just refer to my previous post here).

♥Next I used Chanel Lumière d'Artifices Beiges which is a shimmery illuminating powder on my brow bones to highlight my eye area. I will admit this is an amazing coloured highlighter and I absolutely love the shades but unfortunately it is a sold out limited edition piece from Chanel, but any soft highlighters will do really.

♥This is my favourite part ^^

I use the Dolly Wink Pencil Eye Colour in gold to highlight my lower eyelid to give your eyes a larger brighter look. I really love it because its relatively soft so it can be applied quite easily and it just tops of any look with a bit of shimmer giving you that fake Korean eye bags look.

There you have it! I'm usually in a rush so I take out steps 3-4 on a usual day but if you have a little more time than me then try it out, try adding more/less and experiment ♥

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