Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Estee Lauder - Double Wear Foundation

I've been looking for a new suitable foundation with good long lasting coverage for my evening wear and Shu Uemura was a brand that I really wanted to test out. Unfortunately the previous foundation I bought wasn't really suitable for my skin type and became oily very quickly unless I use very small thin amounts which meant not enough coverage. I went back to Shu Uemura to try to save my already bought foundation only to find out that I'd have to buy both a powder to wear on top and a primer underneath. If you've read my previous posts I prefer to keep my make up simple and fast (god bless the guy who invented BB cream!). I chatted with the sweet lady from the Shu Uemura department about my foundation problems only to discover we had so many of the same issues. She ended up pulling me around the corner and told me "I know this isn't Shu Uemura but it is my absolute favouritist! It lasts me over 8 hours with no touch-ups! I'll ask xxxxxxx to let you try it, he's really nice, and he'll colour match it for you". They gave me a free small 7 day trial tub and before I knew it I was back and had bought the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation ($50AUD).

I prefer to only use this when I go out somewhere special so if I ever end up using this during the day I only need a very small amount (as above). It has a nice liquid consistency in which I prefer to apply with my fingers. This was because I really want to fill in any lines around my nose because it will show quite prominently if you miss that spot. A foundation brush is a good option but I stopped using them when I started uni and stopped having time to clean it as often as I should. 

With a very thin layer my skin tone has evened out a lot more covering almost all of the redness and blemishes. It's very easy to apply and once dry it doesn't smudge or come off onto any clothing/tissues etc. It lasts every hour until you remove it. I also haven't broken out from it either!

Tip: if you match the colour of your foundation to your skin then you can apply as much as you want and you would never look cakey ♥

 So here's my full face covered with the very little amount shown from the second photo (yupp that's my I haven't slept enough eyes D:)

Overall definitely ❤, 5/5
It stays perfect in place on my skin for as long as I need it, and only on my skin! It provides great coverage, doesn't cause break-outs and doesn't feel heavy on your skin at all. The only one problem I had with it was if I applied a thick amount and some skin were to say flake off due to dryness or lines weren't filled up properly it becomes very obvious and because the make-up doesn't move you can't smudge it, you'll need to cover that area with some foundation or try smudging it slowly with a small amount of cream. That said if you applied it carefully enough in the morning and had your skin make up ready then this foundation cannot go wrong. I definitely recommend!

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