Monday, 28 April 2014

Tangle Angel - Professional Detangling Brush

Okay, to start. Yes, I'm reviewing a hair brush. Must I share this? Absolutely.

For the past couple of months now my hair brush began to lose the beads at the end of each brush, and we all know how annoying it is to look for them under the sink and irritating it could be on your scalp! So I decided to look for a cute durable brush when I came across this on Not only was I completely captivated by the pretty wings, the video and comments I read on it sounded very imressive, so I ended up purchasing the silver Limited Edition brush about $23.50AUD (also available in pink, black and blue and can come in kids sizes!). I wouldn't usually happily spend that much on a normal brush but this one looked beautiful and promising so I had to try it, of course there were some better ones out there but if it pleases my eye, I'm happy.

So right now it stands nicely in my bathroom (like the above picture), it feels quite light and can be easily held around the wings if you require more control. Personally I found the handle a little too short for my hands (which are bigger than most girls I know anyways) but wasn't that big of a deal.

I'm unsure if it's antimicrobial because my hair is clean when I brush it anyways, but it's definitely anti static and heat resistant♥

The bristles aren't thin and pointy and glides through my hair a lot smoother than any brush I've used.

After using it for a couple of weeks now I'd like to rate it a 
I REALLY love it because I've noticed much less hair loss when brushing using this and it untangles any knot gently. Because it doesn't pull as well it makes a great wig hair brush, I just quickly run this through my cosplay wigs and they look smooth and great! The only problem was that I had to brush it through my hair a few times more since the bristles were a bit short and so it covers less amount of hair than the longer bristle brushes. This doesn't make me love it any less though cause my boyfriend is now more happy to brush my hair knowing that this won't pull and hurt me. It is beautiful and practical ♥

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