Friday, 18 April 2014

How to Prepare for a Cosplay/Strong Make Up with Face Masks - Holika

I really struggle to have make up on for long periods of time since I have combination skin. This means that when I put on my BB Cream/foundation/tinted anything for the day I have to make sure my skin is the right tone and texture and whatever I am applying has the right combination of ingredients, if not I can end up with either skin that is too oily or flaky during the day. Most combination skin type foundations that I've tried end up being quite drying so I generally need to keep my skin fresh and moisturized as a first step which I usually achieved through simply using face masks.

By the end of the week my skin usually gets quite dull so I picked the Rosy Peach Tea mask sheet to give my skin nutrients towards a more healthier and clearer complexion. I used this the night before the cosplay but make sure before you apply any face masks make sure you wash your skin then apply toner first to get your skin ready.
I really liked this one specifically because it smells absolutely divine \(♥0♥)/ and it actually leaves your skin with a lovely healthy glow for a few days.

Cosplaying usually takes me quite a long time to get ready for so I absolutely love how this mask is so fast and effective in getting my skin ready. Holika holika had created this to use before a long, busy, stressful days and I realised that at the end of any day that I start with this my skin is perfectly healthy even after removing all the make up and dirt off of my face so I always use this on the start of the cosplaying day. And because it was designed for a start of a busy day the time it requires for the ingredients to be effective on your skin is only 5-10 minutes which you can fit in right after you brush your teeth, whilst you are doing your hair or eat breakfast.

This Aqua Max Ultra Moisture mask sheet is what I use after removing my make up, especially when it's been a long day. It's very cooling on your skin and leaves it feeling fresh and translucent. So why is Jung Il Woo on the cover of this face mask? Apparently these Korean celebs had skin problems after each day of heavy make up for filming/modelling etc so they would use this as a part of their skin routine. It sounds like the guy was just trying to sell me it right? To be honest he gave me this to try out knowing that I was leaving to a country that didn't have a Holika Holika, the staff were just crazy nice and seemed like they genuinely cared about your skin ♥

Usually the masks that I've chosen so far is quite enough for my skin to feel healthy but in case I wasn't happy at some point on the weekend I'd add this to one of the 'after' days as I believe black tea as a good amount of vitamins as well as caffeine to make your skin much more fresh. I also found that Holika Holika masks are still quite moist after the recommended time is reached so I like to keep it on much longer to make the most of each one but ensure that I remove it before it dries. I've been including each of the backs of the masks so you can see the extracts and directions for each one.
I definitely recommend you try them if you can get your hands on some! 

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