Thursday, 10 April 2014

Etude House - Vitamin Complex Face Mask

I bought ALOT of face masks on my trip because they all looked so cute, promising and they were all relatively cheap! So when I saw these I knew I had to try some. These were the 7 that I grabbed from Etude House and because of my recent diet change and restrictions I'm going to try Vitamin Complex first to boost the nutrients my skin may need ^^ By now I've tried a few face masks now and what you want is:
1. It fits around your face well because chances are you're gonna have that one your face for about 5minute to maybe an hour.
2. It is still moist for the full duration that the instructions tell you to keep it on. Face masks are meant to be moisturising and if it has no moisture in it then how is your skin going to absorb any?
3. It does not itch/irritate/make skin feel tightened, itching and irritation is self explanatory and you should wash it off immediately if this happens because it's most likely an allergic reaction.Since I'm after a moisturising face mask it should not tighten your skin, which can also indicate dryness, moisturise as soon as you remove the mask if this happens.
4. Hopefully it smells pleasant or not smell like anything at all because the mask will be right under your nose so pick something you don't mind smelling.

Etude House Vitamin Complex Face Mask

After cleaning and toning your skin remove the mask from its packaging by tearing at the slit on the top sides (make sure you hands are clean).

Gently unfold the mask (this picture looks scary D:)

Place on face to fit your contours and smooth out as many of the air bubbles as you can. You can squeeze out any remaining liquid and spread onto your mask so it lasts longer :3

Leave on for about 15-20mins. When removing pat any remaining residue liquid to absorb.

Now, what did I think of it?


I didn't really like this mask because it felt kind of dry compared to some others that I've tried and the liquid is more liquidy than gel-like. It ended up only staying moist for about 15 minutes but my skin did feel slightly more moisturised and soft. It did smell quite nice and the packaging is very cute and colourful so there's a couple of pluses but in terms of goodness for my skin it just wasn't for me.

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