Saturday, 5 April 2014

Etude House - skin [mal:gem]_fresh toner

Ever since I've started using toner I've never not owned one after realizing how important it can be for regular make-up users. It really clears the dirt and small amounts of make-up as well as prepare your skin for treatments/face masks etc. Before this I was using the Tonique Doceur by Lanc├┤me which was a tiny bit too strong for my skin but was really refreshing and brightens up your skin tone after a few uses. It was a good toner but really pricey for something that was just good, so I went to try an Asian toner as I've found that products for Asian skin are a lot gentler and moisturising.

After cleansing your skin dispense some of the toner onto a new cotton pad and wipe all areas on your face and neck. I found that this did everything I needed it to (cleanses my skin, prepares my skin well for other products, refreshes my face) but it also controls oil on your skin and leaves your skin quite moisturised for a toner. I've come to really love this product and I use it everyday after gym/before I go to bed followed by my daily moisturiser/before I use a face mask. It leaves my skin fresh and ready for my routine of emulsions and essences and it hasn't given me any breakouts but rather reduced them. 
I definitely would buy again and I definitely recommend you try it too!  

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