Saturday, 12 April 2014

Cosplay - League of Legends Cottontail Teemo

Cottontail Teemo Comicon 2014

This is my second cosplay but first one that I've made (with the help of mum of course). It showed my mid-section and legs so to do my costume justice I had begun to hit the gym and put myself on an extensive diet. No I didn't starve myself or anything stupid, just lots of veggies, fruits, mushrooms, meats and no bread, no rice, no pasta and no fat. My tummy was still not as I'd like it to be but I guess I only had a month to work with. Needless to say cosplaying has gotten me into following a healthy lifestyle. I exercise for a better body, sleep well for nicer skin and eat well for both skin and body, I guess things just hit you when you've found something you like. That's my story behind this coplay I hope you like the pictures (we didn't get to take many but hopefully we can get more during my uni break :3)

Along came a random Ashe! *blind dart*

Looking for places to plant my eggs (i.e. anywhere)

Me in the original cottontail Teemo background ^^

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