Saturday, 19 April 2014

Contact Lenses - Vasen/i.fairy Super Crystal Lenses

i.fairy Super Crystal Lenses

Just wanted to share with you the contact lenses I used for my cosplay. It's super comfy and lasts me about 6-8 hours wear time if I use eye drops every hour or so (I always use eye drops for any of my lenses as I'm usually in very dry environments or sitting in front of an aircon).
I really love these lenses as the lenses sit very naturally on my eyes (they don't bulge) and the colour stood out just right for my cosplay. I bought them from
which have really great deals and gifts when you buy more than 1 pair, you also get free shipping above purchases over $50. I can't recommend anyone more to check out this website, since before I buy anything online I usually do my research on price/shipping/deals/reliability/etc. so these guys have been checked, tested and approved by me! The only major problem is that for some reason my package arrived really late, so I recommend getting them about 1.5 months before you need them. I know it's a long time but it's definitely worth the wait.

Here are the details:
♥Origin: Korea
♥Diameter : 16.2mm
♥Water Content : 55%
♥Base Curve : 8.6mm
♥Life Span : 1 year disposal
♥Price : USD$21.90

Window Lighting


Selfie with Natural Lighting ♥

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