Tuesday, 25 March 2014

L'Oreal Hair Chalk Garden Party

These have been out for about 1month now so I've been fishing around the internet to find out where to get these in Australia and I haven't seen anything! Most just tell you to go into your salon to get it done in '15 minutes' but seriously, who has time to go visit a salon when it washes out after 2 washes (1 depending on the strength of the products you use)? At least, I have other things to do. My search led me to www.lookfantastic.com which is where my next few hours was spent searching through their amazing range of make up, hair care, skin care and all things girly. There were so many great products you would never find in Australia and they ship free worldwide! I can't recommend this website more, you just need to check it out yourself to see what I mean.
I also wanted to grab the red (Coral Sunset) colour but it was pretty much sold out from any reliable looking pages so if you know where I can get some please leave a message for me in the comment section.

L'Oreal Hair Chalk Garden Party

For each hair chalk you buy, you get 8 sheets of the applicators (that fold in half on the fold line) in an envelope with an instruction booklet. I'm using green, garden party, colour today because I feel a bit daring and everyone thinks green in your hair is just so terrible. Before you start gently shake the bottle 3-4times and tear off one of the applicators.

Select a small strand of hair that you want coloured (work with dry hair!)

Apply about 3-4 drops onto the applicator and pinch it together to distribute the colour onto the applicator.

Now grab the selected strand of hair and slide the colour through your hair about 3-4times, add more colour onto the applicator and repeat it as many times as desired until your hair is evenly coloured, I had to repeat about 3 times fro this strand. Then brush through your hair with a comb and allow to dry for about 20-30seconds. If you don't want to stain your fingers by accident then you can wear gloves and something to protect your clothing (I wasn't afraid though >=]).

Overall Totally in love!
Ta-Da~! Green doesn't look bad at all! After brushing it with a comb it does not stick together nor does it feel/look chalky! I imagine going through the bottles quite quickly but you get fun, bright, temporary colours in an instant without staining any clothes either. I've been told that it looks like I coloured my hair with dye since my hair isn't stiff and it cost about 15GBP per bottle. Definitely worth the buy :3


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