Friday, 14 March 2014

Lipstick Friday - Guerlain Rouge Gigolo

 I've only started using Guerlain lipsticks recently as I've always had the idea that Chanel had the best lipsticks, unfortunately for them I was looking for a raspberry/dark coloured lipstick in which they didn't have. Just so you also know when I pick lipsticks I go through a tedious selection process that generally takes a few trips back and forth. I ended up going through the entire make up section to pick no. 70 Gigolo which was a nice dark berry colour and I loved it because wasn't too glossy but not completely matte.

Dior Universal Contour

Before applying your lipstick line and fill your lips with the selected lip liner and it acts like a primer filling in the lines on your lips to prevent 'bleeding' and provide a waxy base to make your lipstick last longer. This was one of my favourite buys when I was in the airport because I had trouble finding a lip liner for my new lipstick and next thing you know voila Dior had one that can go under them all! I'm a big user of lip liner cause they provide a lasting base for my strong coloured lipsticks so I was glad I now didn't have to buy different colours for different shades of lipstick.

Guerlain Rouge 70 Gigolo

When I first opened it I was completely in love with the casing! It was polished and shiny and a mirror popped up when you slide it out a little so that you can atually reapply it anywhere

I was very happy with the colour which was deep and intense and the lipstick kept my lips moist and plump for a really long time, almost like a lip balm. The only time I really had to reapply was after I ate or after approximately 8 hours where I had to touch-up the corners of my lips. I did end up getting another colour from Guerlian but I'll save that for another Friday ;)

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