Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Korean Body Design Cup Noodles

I LOVE instant noodles. I can eat it everyday for any meal if it wasn't so fattening and packed with carbs. I'm not gonna pretend I'm one of those girls that eat perfectly healthy calculated meals everyday, I have other things to do so I want my meals to be fast, easy, preferably cheap and hopefully healthy. It's not easy especially when I'm on a strict calory counting diet to lose what I gained from when I was on holiday but when I came back from Hong Kong my aunty had sent 6 of these Korean cup noodles and it was almost like love at first sight.

Koreans are known to eat sweet potato noodles which is a healthier version of wheat flour noodles made of sweet potato starch. It chewy, slippery and tastes amazing. The noodles help aid digestion and one of these cups only contain 120 calories which is amazing cause my meals are usually about 400 calories, more or less, and this keeps me full. I can add eggs, cheese and vegetables for extra nutrition and make it extra yummy. Also, because the calory count is so low it means I can eat more foods during the day!

Here's its nutritional information and it comes in two flavours (I recommend getting the spicy ones for those who can handle a small kick cause it isn't that spicy at all) for about 99cents per cup from most Korean supermarket.

Of course I don't recommend you eat instant noodles, but lets be realistic there are times where we need food in a pinch and I think this perfect and uber delicious. Definitely a better alternative for noodle lovers like me :3

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