Saturday, 1 March 2014

How to Prepare for a Cosplay - Skin Whitening

I've gotten into cosplay recently, still a newbie, but I've realised that there are a lot of components to getting your cosplay right other than the clothes and accessories. Most characters that people dress up as have light bright coloured hair with pale skin. I've never really like the tanned skin with light coloured hair look, something is off about it to me. Being in Australia during summer I quickly realised pale skin wasn't an easy task so I began my research I came up with 4 things to try for the next 3 months. Lemon. Milk. Moisturiser. Sunscreen.
Remember you still need your vitamin D so a little sun won't hurt everyday.

Lemon + Milk Bath

Shampoo, scrub and what-not inside a shower first to get your skin clean and ready before you get in the bath but AFTER you've prepared it. I usually add the ingredients then leave relatively hot water running at a rate where it'll almost be done by the time I finish my shower (and when I say almost it's so I have room to do minor adjustments to the temperature of the hot/cold water before I get in).
First I add 1/2 a glass of milk to the hot running water then I squeeze in the juices of half a lemon. If you have powdered milk try adding that to (amount according to instructions). The milk and the lemon work together as a natural skin bleacher the vitamin C helps repair skin cells and also helps in the production of collagen which firms your skin. Also you can try adding a few drops of oils to moisturise your skin (I use grape-seed oil every so often but oils are a pain to clean from your bathtub)

After your shower soak int he bath for about 15-30mins, but try not to get it on your hair and face as they are much more sensitive than your body. Rinse with water well before dry you self with a towel using a dabbing motion and not rubbing motion because it dries your skin.


Moisturise as soon as you dry yourself! Your usual moisturiser will be okay. I used the Nivea Whitening Inner Cell Repair Cream but I don't feel like the cream made much of a just smelt amazing. Moisturising will encourage cell renewal for new fairer skin ♥


Always wear sunscreen and BB cream when you're out for more than 5mins. I used the Nivea Whitening Sun Protection with Collagen SPF 50 PA+++ during the 3 months.

Most Importantly ♥

You want to encourage cell renewal and avoid tanning during this time so make sure you drink plenty of water, eat heaps of veggies and fruits and stay in the shade as much as you can!

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