Saturday, 8 March 2014

False Lashes - Koji Dolly Wink

Koji Dolly Wink Pure Girl 15

After trying on the Dolly Wink no. 20 I had to try at least one more of the half lashes since they were so quick and easy to apply. Pure Girl 15 ended up looking the cutest and most natural :3

Like the usual Dolly Wink lashes come with two sets and Dolly Wink glue (which I don't actually use D:) These also had a black strip but because Dolly Wink strips are so thin, you won't need eyeliner if you apply them properly~

I have this eyelash applicator (mainly useful for those full lashes cause they're harder to apply) it's by Wasp which also sell false lashes and can be found in Australian pharmacies. I actually didn't need this for half lashes since they're easy to apply anyways but I thought I'd let people know that these things exist. I really recommend this for beginners cause it really helped me but now I'm good with tweezers too :3

Make sure you wait for the glue to start becoming tacky before applying. Apply with the lashes curved upwards like how you would like them to sit because if you attached them lower they will droop down the whole day no matter what you do. Remember practice makes perfect so practice using them before the actual day you need them to look their best.

I really like how they look so fluttery and soft (and yes this time I wasn't lazy and curled my lashes before and after applying the falsies) ♥

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