Sunday, 2 March 2014

False Eyelashes Koji Dolly Wink

Koji Dolly Wink 20 Glamorous Doll

I fell in love with falsies from the first moment I tried them on...can't say I had them on correctly but regardless they opened my eyes and looked super cute. I started using cheap eBay ones which came with many per pack but weren't very flexible making it hard to apply. That was until I traveled to Hong Kong for the first time and unlike Australia falsies were everywhere! There were so many brands in so many different cute packaging in so many packaging colours. My first brand I got was BN which gives you 5 pairs for about $15 AUD. They always give you that extra glamorous touch to your eyes that I really liked and each pair lasted me a really long time. Most lashes from BN were quite dramatic and I wanted to wear lashes more casually which meant that I needed natural. That was when I discovered Dolly Wink 20 Glamorous Doll.
These lashes have a very thin strip that is clear so you don't need to wear it with eyeliner and the lashes blends in with my natural lashes really well. They're half lashes so they're super easy to apply and it comes with its own Dolly Wink glue (about $16AUD). Just cut to desired length bend slightly to match the curve of you're eye and apply glue to the strip.
I've tried Dolly Wink glue but I don't find that it sticks as well as the glue I was originally using. This is Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer, it's quite strong, lasts me a whole day and is fast and easy to apply (about $15AUD). Just brush over the lash strip back and forth once, blow on the lashes until it becomes a little tacky and apply with some tweezers or whatever you usually use. I bring it along for fast fix emergency too ♥

After the glue has dried use a false lash curler to curl your lashes as desired and use it to help curl your natural lashes to your false ones. I use the Shu Uemura false lash curler which has a padded area to rest on your eyelid and comes with an extra replaceable silicone pad which are soft and bouncy. Despite how soft these are though don't hold for two long because you want to create a natural curl and not a sharp bend, just hold for a couple of seconds and repeat until you're happy.

This is the result ♥
You can apply extra mascara to you're liking (and apply before curling to help your false and real lashes to stick together) but I like this very natural but cute look so personally I don't think it needs mascara. I definitely recommend these Dolly Wink 20 for casual false lash wearer and starters cause they're light, comfortable and super easy to apply.
The strip is very thin and soft so be gentle so that you don't ruin them and keep them looking great ♥

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