Tuesday, 4 March 2014

False Eyelashes Eyemazing Amoyamo

Eyemazing Amoyamo No. 813 Rose Chocolate ♥

There're so many lashes in Asia it's hard to find the right one or even decide on one but I really liked the soft and cute look of these and the pretty purple packaging. I have a lot of black lashes but brown lashes are preferable to me for casual wear as they're less dramatic and add that soft sparkle to your eyes which is another reason why I bought these.

Upon careful inspection the band looked nice and thin and clear which meant I could wear it without eyeliner for a pretty but natural everyday look. One packet has 5 pairs of lashes and costs approximately $15AUD which is really cheap.

They definitely add that soft touch, but word of warning to curl your natural lashes BEFORE putting these on. I know you're supposed to anyways but I find that it saves me time curling them together in one go. Unfortunately for me I found out the hard way that these lashes don't take bending so well and bends too much even with very little pressure. Definitely buying more of these though they look good, the band is flexible and they feel great all day ♥

Definitely happy with my buy! Highly recommend trying these if you haven't yet ♥♥♥♥♥

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