Monday, 3 March 2014

Eye Concealer Sana

Sana Make Essence Concealer - Light Yellow

I really like this concealer by Sana, it costs about $12AUD and does its job really well, not as good as YSL radiant touch highlighter but who can complaining about $12? I'm quite a gamer so sometimes I stay up till 7a.m. and sleeping for 3 hours before I start my day again. I know it's bad for your skin but all you really need here is results ^^

Its packaging looks something like this (I opened it and forgot how it was originally before I took the photo but it's still super kawaii~♥)

There's quite a lot in it considering that you won't use a lot of it and probably won't end up needing to.

This is enough for both eyes depending on how much brightening I need. It's a very soft and light formula that spreads on silkily smooth.

Just put a few dots of it under your eyes after using a primer base and use your fingertips to dab it over evenly.

My eyes are much brighter and the dark circles are less pronounced with very little product. The concealer has a very nice, silky, mousse-like consistency and feel which enables you to blend it evenly and allows your foundation to sit over it really well afterwards. I've only seen the one colour, light yellow, but I have read that people with darker skin were able to use it too, just a smaller amount at a time.

I definitely recommend having this especially in emergencies where you need to look your best but end up excited all night and unable to sleep! It's just super cute to have with you everywhere ♥

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