Friday, 7 March 2014

Cute Dotted Nails - Lucky Trendy Dot Artist

I usually dot my nails with just the nail brush until I found the Lucky Trendy Dot Artist Nail Polish set which looked super cute and came with a dotting brush. This meant no more problems with painting dots using my left hand that resulted in uneven nails. This my first time trying this out so forgive me if it wasn't neat ^^"

My nail usually needs extra care since I used to come into lots of contact with water and began to chip and peel easily. I like to use the O.P.I Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. This cam in a pack of three where two had a glossy finish and one with a matte finish, I prefer the matte finish because it makes you nails look healthier and natural whether you have a colour coat or not. I also have a theory that the nail coat on top would stick to a rougher/less smooth surface more than a shiny surface and would therefore last longer. Just apply two layers of this and wait to dry before continuing. 

From memory I had three or four choices of colour sets but I use a lot of pastel and candy colours at home so I decided to get the baby blue pink and white to add to my collection :3
I did my nails blue on one hand and pink on the other to try out both colours!

There are two sides to the dotting stick, one with a small dot and one with a big one for big polka dots, and today I'll be using the big one. (I tried out the pink and decided I want white dots xD)

I only needed to apply one coat of the colour because the polish wasn't very thin. After it dried completely you can dip the dotting stick onto the nail polish brush and dot from there. Make sure you clean the nail polish off the stick often to keep the polka dot sizes consistent.

All done~! It's not very neat up close but practice makes perfect ♥

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