Sunday, 16 March 2014

Cosplay - Project K Neko

My First Cosplay - Project K Neko at Waicon 2014

As my first cosplay I was super scared that something might go wrong on the day, I mean there're so many components to it: wig, costume, lenses, eyelashes, skin, accessories, etc. Not to mention I wasn't in the happiest state of mind in terms of my weight since I had just came back from a holiday where I spent most of my time eating! In the end my months of preparation paid off and my costume stayed in one piece and my hair was still attached. The only two problems on the day was forgetting to prepare my bf on how to take pictures at flattering angles and the ridiculously high temperatures for my fluffy dress. I hope you guys like my photos ♥

 Me getting annoyed that my bf decided to take a picture whilst I was eating my fruit D:

Namie-kun, myself and my cute friend Jana-san ♥
Namie-kun does amazing artworks check it out here ->

My two favourite pics:

Selfies :3~

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