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Black Head Removal - Etude House and Kose

I don't get many blackheads very often but I do like use blackhead strips every month to remove those which I do get on my nose. You shouldn't use them too often either, the boxes usually say a maximum of once every 3 days but I'd imagine once every fortnight would be enough if you take good care of your skin and exfoliate often.

Etude House Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

These are completely different from your usual blackhead strips. They don't pull out your blackheads, but instead they have chemicals that forces out the blackheads, whiteheads and any sebum with the first strip and closes your pores with the second strip.

The English instructions aren't very clear and didn't really make sense to me after all my years of using dry strips. What you are meant to do is open your pores by putting a steamed towel over your face or wash with warm water first then use strip 1, which is soaked in liquid, straight onto your nose for 15 minutes before removing. After removing wipe your nose in a downward motion with either a cotton swab or pad to removed the now exposed sebum, whitehead and blackheads. After step 1 is done you can take out step two which is attached to a plastic film. Remove the film and place onto your skin for another 15 minutes to3 close your pores then remove. I've actually tried this a couple of times before taking these photos and they weren't very effective in any of the uses which is why this time I paired it up with a dry blackhead strip.

My nose before doing anything. 

Step 1. Place number one on your nose for 15 minutes after you have opened your pores with warm water. Then remove.

You can see some sebum on the tip of my nose in the top picture which I wiped off in the bottom picture. Besides the sebum, no blackheads were actually removed D:

KOSE softymo Nose Strip

These come in black or white depending on how dark your blackheads are, I just like the white ones because, despite the fact that there aren't actually any differences besides seeing it against a lighter/darker background, to me it just feels cleaner. Just take out the strip from one of the sachets in the box and peel off the film. Apply to wet skin and leave for about 10-15 minutes before peeling off slowly from the bottom up.

I really like how these have incisions/small cuts to fit the contours of your face :3

It did a great job of removing my blackhead! And my nose feels softer too ♥

My pores are open now after removing the blackheads. Now to use step 2 of the Etude House nose strips~

Step 2 is attached to a piece of plastic film that you need to remove before application. Leave on for 15 minutes.

When they packaged it one of the sides was folded (as you can see in the picture above) so it kept lifting up off my face which got really annoying >:|

My pore size didn't minimize at all!
Overall Etude House Blackhead Dual Strips 

I've read that it works for some people but as you see it hasn't really done much for me besides excrete a little bit of sebum. It not being packaged well did not make the experience any better. It didn't even minimize my pores. Ice is a much better option if I ever want to close up my pores ><"
Kose Softymo Nose Strip 
I really liked how this left my nose so soft afterwards and how it fit my nose very well for the whole 15 minute duration. I also found that this works much better and is much stronger than many of the strips that I usually buy in Australia. Must buy more! ♥

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