Sunday, 2 March 2014

BB Creams - Ellesoie Crystal

This will be the last BB Cream review I do for a while until I use up what I have (don't worry, it's not actually that much!). For this coming week I will be posting about getting ready for a cosplay, or at least how I get ready. Visit daily to stay updated ♥

Ellesoie Crystal BB Cream

I actually got this BB Cream in Japan and bought it purely because the lady recommended it to me even though either of us could really understand what the other was saying and I was willing to try whatever. It has an SPF of 24 PA++ which isn't as high as the other BB creams that I've rated. For some weird reason I keep thinking that it's a pull off lid as well when it's a twist and I end up trying to pull it every.single.time!

This BB cream has a thin liquidy and smooth consistency which made it easy to apply. It's meant to be a the base and foundation and emphasises its moisturising qualities so I'm expecting pretty good coverage and moisturised skin for my day out today.

Before and After

 Overall a decent BB cream 
The coverage wasn't as strong as I hoped it would be (not bad but not great), even when I applied more it didn't make much of a difference. It kept my skin moisturised during my whole day out and felt really comfortable on which was definitely a plus. Checking my skin during the day coverage was still okay but looking closely it didn't sat right. It was a little shiny to begin with but didn't get any worse during the day it just kind of "melted" a bit up close. I gave this BB cream a 3/5 because it had what BB creams has but nothing extra besides the good skin moisturising effects.

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