Thursday, 27 February 2014

Tutorial - Eyebrow Colouring

I have a strict rule where eyebrows must be the same colour as your hair (brown hair-brown eyebrows black hair-black eyebrows, a little darker or lighter is okay ><') because personally I think it looks weird otherwise. I am currently using Kiss Me Eyebrow Mascara and Eyebrow Powder whenever I leave the house (because my eyebrows are super light and look stupid) and since I've started using these I haven't really had any need to find a new brand. I'm using eyebrow mascara colour no. 02 but when I went to HK I thought I'd give a little darker a go so today I'll be using no.3.
Note: You can use one or the other but I prefer more defined brows so I like to use both.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow and Nose Shadow

The powder is waterproof and contains 3 different colours and a two sided brush. The lightest shade can be used to create a light shade on the side of your nose and you use this with the bigger brush side. I usually don't use it because it doesn't really make a noticeable difference on my skin but if you like to use nose shadows this would be good to but since the powders are waterproof and smudgeproof too. 

Step 1. Contour your nose by shadowing only the sides of your nose bridge to create a illusion that your nose is taller. I apologise that you can't really see it because I had little sleep the night before so now my eyes are dark :'(

Step 2. Starting with the most inner end of your eyebrows use the number 2 shade and small brush side to colour, brushing outwards a little further than the center of your brows. I have the brush on the fat side for this step because I like the shape that is produced from brushing this way, if you want a thinner more defined line then i recommend you turn you brush so that you're filling in your brows with the thinner side. Fill in this area and remove excess product with a spoolie if required or to just reduced the amount on your brow if it's too dark.

Step 3. Use the small brush side again and turn the brush so that you're not using it flatly, continuing the line you just stopped at with the darkest colour up to the end of your eyebrows. You should only need to brush over once or twice or else it will become too dark.

Kiss Me Coloring Eyebrow Mascara

What I love about this eyebrow mascara is that the colour can be seen really well upon application and when it dries your eyebrows have some flexibility and isn't completely stiff. I've only tried this one and K-Palette but I found that K-Palette's brush didn't coat my brows as well and I just ended up getting it on my skin more than my eyebrows. This lasts me a whole day, doesn't flake and comes off easily with warm water so I recommend you try it out if you want natural looking coloured mascara.

Step 4. Start by brushing the opposite direction of your brow growth, outside in, to ensure the underneath of the brow is coated. Then follow by brushing inside out over the top of your eyebrows in the direction you want your eyebrows to look. You can go over it in that direction a couple of more times to ensure all brows are coated. Don't press hard because you want the mascara on your eyebrows and not your face!

All good to go :3
The number 3 didn't end up being any darker than number 2 just a little bit paler so I'm quite happy with either colour.
Thanks for reading ♥

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  1. Looks great on you. I also think eyebrows should match the hair.
    Bright and Shiny