Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Make Up Removal

We've all seen the proclaimed make up removals that removes all the make up in one go leaving a replica of it from your face to the towel. A few years back I would have been easily fooled one type/brand after another. Looking for a good priced, easy removing, not too oily, not too drying remover takes a lot of trial and error. I now prefer the liquid bottled removers (unless I'm travelling and can't carry it with me) where you can just wet some disposable cotton-pads but even then I've gone through some that end up giving me breakouts. 
Only recently have I finally found my perfect removers and I recommend you try some if you can get your hands on it but do read through to see if its actually what you need. 

There are a lot of products from here but make sure you know it's good before you buy it cause I've had a fair share of let downs.

Any cotton pad will do but I got a heap of these boxes from Holika Holika which gives you one for every couple of hundred HKD that you spend and other goodies (the boxes got crushed in my suitcase ;_;). I actually quite like these and wouldn't mind buying it from them if they sell it cause they're really soft but any cotton pad will do as I've said.

Cyber Colors Eye Make Up Remover

I was first introduced to this brand when I was searching for make up removers and have yet to regret buying it.The cool thing about the brand Cyber Colors is the use of edge and color into their cosmetics range. Before you can soak up the cotton pads and use it you're required to shake the bottle lightly to mix the two layers. It removes any waterproof eye makeup AND eyelash glue quickly and easily with soft circular motions, it's gentle on my eyes and it isn't too oily at all. I've gotten some in my eye a few times and it wasn't irritating at all! It also gently moisturises my eye area which means that I can skip my eye cream when I'm a little lazy ^^' (costs approx $13AUD)

Haruhada Collagen Moisture Cleansing Water

At some point I became obsessed with looking at products with collagen after seeing all those Asian models and celebrities drinking it. It promotes skin firmness and suppleness but I mainly wanted it for the cell renewal that it promotes since I had quite a bit of acne and scarring at that time (I'm not one of those girls born with perfect skin throughout their lives but I'm much better now).

I use about two cotton pads to remove all the make up before using toner. It removes make up really well but the reason I'm reviewing this is because last year I used this strong exfoliator and rubbed it too roughly on my forehead which left me with constant rough skin for months with no signs of improvement no matter what I tried :( The collagen in my make up remover helped promote the renewal of skin cells which made my skin supple and smooth again. It's a gentle remover that nourishes your skin. The description tells you that it moisturises but I recommend you use a light moisturiser afterwards anyway (costs $16AUD).

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