Sunday, 23 February 2014

Holika Holika Face Mask

After Taking a Trip Mask Sheet

I love using face masks to refresh my skin and hydrate it after either a long day out or just long hours with make up on. Holika Holika has masks for different situations which makes them even more fun to use. My favourite one is the Before mask where only 5-10mins is needed which makes it super convenient before you put on you make up to go for the day! 

Today I'm reviewing the After Taking a Trip Mask that I used since I just spent 19hours in travelling and transit time from Hong Kong back to Australia, exhausted I was! :(
The time for this mask was 15-20mins and since I just needed relaxing time I did the full 20mins.

The thing I loved most about these masks is that they smell great for the full period of time you have them on your face! If it was made of what it smelt like I'd eat it kind of smell x3

There's one mask in each packet all folded up and soaked in a good amount of liquid. 

They cost about $20HK which is a really great price for facial masks (approx $3 AUS).

20mins later~~

The mask stayed moist throughout and my skin looks and feels refreshed and replenished ♥

It instructs to pat your face to absorb the moisture so I just follow with my usual skin routine, no rinse.

Overall I really love these masks from Holika Holika! 
I've used a few Japanese and aloe vera masks before but the don't end up sitting on your face the whole time as they dry up quite fast and are thin and awkward to put on. This one was easy to place, hard to tear, had uber cute packaging and was actually fun to use. The important part was whether or not it refreshed my tired skin and it absolutely did ♥ Its a shame that face masks just look so freaky on. My rating: 5/5.

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