Wednesday, 26 February 2014

BB Creams - Holika Holika Face 2 Change

Face 2 Change Moist Cushion BB

I wasn't going to review this at first since I only had a sample but then I thought samples are for you to try out and create an opinion of before buying and I write my reviews of my opinions and experiences of products I try out (if that makes sense). 

What I love about this sample was that with the BB cream they also gave the cushion to use with the cream which was really soft (♥.♥). 

The BB had a very thin and silky consistency and was easily applied and blended (with the help of the super soft sponge) however when I first applied it to my skin I freaked out more than just a little. The guy gave me such a light colour to try...I looked really really pale D: and I was about to go out with my friend! For this review I told myself bronzer will fix it so besides the unmatching colour I will keep this an unbiased review.



Overall I would definitely buy this BB cream for long exposures to the sun but as a personal preference I rate this a 
I think this is the best BB cream for coverage, moisture and SPF (SPF 50+), so far. Besides my now pale skin, you can hardly see my blemishes underneath and it really brightens your skin. I find that any type of creams with high SPF tend to have more shine on your skin, I believe this contributes to the sunblock factor. Personally I don't spend that much time in the sun so I don't really need a SPF of 50+, as great as it is, and I prefer a matte finish. I tried to get rid of the shine by using a powder but my skin became shiny again after a couple of hours (another FYI, I also use primer before putting on any BB creams). 3.5/5

EXTRA I had to share this cause it's super cute! After spending a certain amount I got heaps of Holika Holika gift like this neck pillow pens and skin care products. I am one happy customer ♥


  1. omg that's such a cute neck pillow! It looks really good on you in the after photo. I got the Innisfree Mineral Melting BB cushion and love it so I'm quite interested in this holika holika BB cushion considering how much you love holika holika. :D

    1. Thank you! My skin looked shiny outside of the photo though :( I wish I had another sample left for you to try since you're interested. I got a lot of face masks though so I shall send one to you sometime for you to try :3