Thursday, 27 February 2014

BB Creams - Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly

I'd never thought there'd be a day where my make up smells like Aeroplane Jelly, but thanks to Holika Holika it does now :3 I ended being persuaded to buy the starter and make up fixer through some really good service (yes the service makes a difference) but I have yet to regret any of it.

My skin to start.

 Aqua Petit Jelly Starter

I originally only bought the BB cream without the starter and it would last me a couple of hours before it kinda 'melted'. I came back to try my luck again with the other products and the guy there recommended I used this first primer after carefully examining my face while I was looking around (kinda creepy but he ended up helping a lot).

You can't really tell here but the primer has a soft light pink shimmer that brightens up your skin, I use it under all my BB creams now to last me the day. I also really like how they have spatulas so you don't contaminate and get bacteria in it, if you wipe the spatula after each use. They each came with a sponge as well for application but I prefer to use my fingers to apply the starter.

 Aqua Petit Jelly BB

This BB cream feels really refreshing on but it doesn't last long without the starter jelly. It has decent coverage with a small amount but you can put on a lot more for more coverage without it looking cakey. To apply this I place a small amount onto my hand with the spatula then with the sponge I press the BB cream onto my skin, as you would do with pressed powder. I find that the BB cream sits better on my skin when I do this rather then when I massage it and the sponge is very dense so I doesn't absorb a lot of the cream like some sponges tends do.

Overall (this is a bad camera angle for my face xD) my skin looks bright and clear and it lasts me a long time without going oily when I use the starter 
I gave this a 4.5/5 because its packaging is SUPER cute and hygienic, it smells like rainbows, make my skin feel fresh and look fresh and I just enjoy using it a lot. It does last me the day but it does fade a bit by the end and I wouldn't want to carry it around because the container is heavy :( It is my favourite BB cream right now and I am obsessed with Holika Holika and love their service and gift bonuses so I can't be any happier with what I've got.

Aqua Petit Jelly Make Up Fixer

I like the soft, jelly, moisturised feeling this gives my skin but I don't feel like it actually fixes my make up. I felt like it moved the make up on my skin the way water moves black ink on paper not fixing it in place. It makes a good moisturiser though which is great because I prefer spray on moisturisers than creams since they feel nice and light. I kinda wish I had bought the actual spray moisturiser that they had too ^^

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