Monday, 24 February 2014

BB Creams - Dr.Jart+

Dr.Jart Premium Blemish Base Gold Label

I've heard a lot between Dr.Jart and Dr.G but up until now I've only tried Dr.G. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to wear Dr.Jart for anymore than a couple of hours but I made sure the time I had with it on fully tested its potentials because off I was to the gym! I originally didn't think about trying Dr.Jart because the lady recommended it for my mother, I guess mainly because it had a lot of wrinkle preventing reducing and preventing properties. After reading about it the anti-wrinkle properties just include anti-oxidation ingredients and white gold skin protection that claims to cleanse your skin, none of that stuff that tightens your skin kind of thing ^^"

I took these photos very late and in little lighting so the photos ended up having a bit of a yellow tint. I will replace them when I can. Sorry!

First pump was really runny.
I wasn't sure if this was normal or not so I tried again, still runny but a little bit better and thicker in consistency. It meant that it was easy to apply with your fingers but if you're looking for coverage you'd probably need extra concealer. Not too much coverage was perfect for me gymming though so I'm glad I tried this today of all days :D

 Before and After

Overall This BB cream was surprisingly good 
After the gym I'm sweaty and tired so I'm not gonna take pictures >.< but I can tell you it stayed on quite well. I sweated but it wasn't oily, it just didn't melt or anything, it just sat really well! It also blended nicely with a nice natural colour. I do wish it had a little bit of a thicker consistency and provided more coverage and it does claim that no additional make up is required after base make up so I expected more coverage. Another thing I noticed when pumping out the cream was that it smelt quite strongly like sunscreen but with an SPF of 45+ who can really complain! I am quite happy with what it left me after I went to the gym so I can be confident enough to say it's a 4/5 for Dr.Jart+

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