Tuesday, 25 February 2014

BB Creams - Dr.G

Gowoonsesang {Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm}

 This was one of my first BB Creams and was my favourite for quite a while. I was never in the sun for long periods of time so SPF 30+ was enough for me and unlike a lot of BB creams that I looked at when I was searching for my first one Dr.G promised an Inner as well as an Outer Care System. After the first use I was obsessed with it and just thought BB creams were amazing, little did I know that there are some terrible BB creams out there...horrid (make sure you try them out first and check reviews!!!). 

Upon opening I noticed that this BB Cream had a greyish tinge to it, I guess its made for Asian skin types and colours but I just managed to pass for it. It also had a nice smell :3

Dr.G's BB cream felt great ♥ It had a similar consistency to some of my liquid foundations so application was no problem and after letting it dry my skin felt like felt like everything promised x]

Before and After

My face felt springy, moisturised and fresh, even on my nose! The greyish tinge didn't seem like much of a problem as long as I didn't apply too much. If you need coverage I recommend using a concealer underneath, as I made the mistake of using a bit more than usual one day while going to get make up advice resulting in the guy telling me that the colour I was using had an ash tinge (embarrassing :'( ...oh wells life is about trial and error sometimes).

Overall I really liked this BB cream so I give it 
After a while of using this BB cream I noticed my pores became smaller which is great but I had some tiny breakouts every now and again when using it regularly. The breakouts cause a tiny bit of redness but never scarred. My skin overall felt soft and felt like it became more elastic-like and moist all day without much retouching at the same time provide a decent amount of coverage. This BB cream really had great qualities that I look for in a BB cream so I give it a 4/5.

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